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Thai Massage

Thai Kanok Signature Massage

A  relaxing and de-stressing massage releases even the tightest of knots. Massage is targeted to your specific trigger areas where you carry stress in your body. This healing experience integrates a combination of traditional Thai Massage gentle stretching with flowing long stroke oil massage. The therapist will apply a medium to deep, firm yet gentle pressure along meridian lines to loosen tight muscles and tendons. This massage can be personalized depending on how you are feeling and where you may have more stress or tension. This massage is fantastic to stimulate energy flow naturally through your body, increase circulation and flush out the lymphatic system.  This massage will help you feel calmer, gain mental clarity, relieve tired and achy muscles all while detoxing! You will have greater flexibility immediately. If only everything could feel this good. This massage was developed for those that  need to stimulate their energy and leave feeling beautiful and refreshed.

Benefits of Thai Kanok Signature Massage in our Victoria Spa

Aid in pain management    

Balance mind, body, and spirit

Boost immunity    

Decrease depression and anxiety    

Enhance relaxation

Help with digestion

Help with lymphatic circulation

Improve blood circulation

Improve neurological function

Improve range of motion

Increase energy

Increase flexibility

Open joints

Prevent PMS

Promote inner peace and calmness

Provide rejuvenation and pleasure

Reduce stress and release tension

Stimulate circulation

Strengthen the internal organs